Paris : a concentration of wealth, knowledge and people

Beyond the clichés, the Greater Paris Region is now one of the largest cities in the world and is the focus of 30% of the nation’s wealth and 20% of the population, within an area that only accounts for 2% of France. It is a young city, well-educated and with a high level of permeability for international trade. It is a world city …

Paris, Megacity …

As the top economic region in France, the Greater Paris Region is also highly ranked at a European level.With a GDP of €612 billion, or 5% of the European Union’s GDP, the city is positioned as a major economic force.
The density of its rail network, motorways and its airport structure, which forms a hub for the French and European air fleet, make it a confluence point for international transport.
It is also one of the most attractive regions in Europe in terms of foreign investment and is home to major international companies, research centres, exhibitions, professional congresses, etc and accounts for significant tourist flows.
Even though the tertiary sector dominates, the region’s economy is particularly diverse and has a highly skilled workforce.
From an administrative perspective, Paris and its region are no exception to the traditional “multi-layered French administration”. The Greater Paris Region comprises 8 “départements”, including Inner Paris which is both a “département” and a city in its own right. Each “département” is made up of a number of towns.Paris is made up of 20 “arrondissements”, or districts.

Paris in the world