Winners “Inventons la métropole” call for projects announced

One year after launch, the winners of the “Inventons la métropole” call for projects were revealed on 18 October at the Pavillon Baltard.

Distributed across the city, this call for projects enabled the selection of 51 sites (suggested by mayors) out of the 153 final groupings considered between 18 September and 13 October. 19 of the 51 sites are located near to a future station on the Grand Paris Express, representing 50 hectares, or 50% of the space put forward for the consultation. The winners are twenty developers as well as investors (sometimes both) and over 100 teams of architects.

The President of the MGP, Patrick Ollier also benefited from the event to announce that there will be an “Inventons la Métropole 2” in 2018.