Overview of Line 15

The first 10 tunnelling machines will not make an appearance until 2018, but developments along Line 15 are still flourishing and many stations are already under construction. Concrete “boxes” that are 109 metres long and 22-25 metres wide have been installed at basement level. These have been installed by ‘sliding’: the ‘box’ is manufactured on the surface and is then ‘slid’ underground. Those at Champigny station attracted quite a crowd last January; the 3.600-tonne reinforced concrete creation travelled 47 metres, propelled by four jacks into the railway embankment. The next will be at the Fort d’Issy-Vanves-Clamart station on the 15th August, followed by Cachan on All Saint’s Day. At over 40 metres underground, Villejuif-Institut Gustave Roussy station will be one of the deepest stations on Line 15 as the institute is based on a mound – even so the station should benefit from natural daylight.