Globalisation and Competition: The New World of Cities

How traditional hierarchies are being shaken up by globalisation and competition?

JLL’s latest research revels a new perspective on city performance and rankings, highlighting the increasing complexity of urban market dynamics.

Paris is the elite group of “Established World Cities” with London. It is among the world leader in provision of world-class higher education and key centres for innovation.
Amongst the “Big Six”, Paris has the best reputation, excelling in terms of visitor numbers. The city is in the top 4 globally in terms of real estate investment volumes, with London on the top of the pile.
  • A new understanding of “Emerging Cities”, identifying which cities are maturing fastest and have the greatest potential.
  • The role of “New World Cities” – smaller cities with unique specialisms which have put them in a strong position to compete for investment and talent, despite their lack of scale.

Grand Paris -Mondialisation et concurrence