Extension of Line 4 to the South

Opened in 1908, line 4 was, until recently, one of the last metro lines not to have a station outside of Inner Paris. Since March 2013, this no longer applies. The line was extended to the South to Mairie de Montrouge.
Its extension to the South is set to continue with the creation of two new stations: Verdun Sud and Bagneux which will be interconnected with the new station on line 15 of the Grand Paris Express. However, Bagneux station is not scheduled to wait for line 15 and will be operational by 2020.
This project is included in the transport mobilisation plan 2013/2017 as part of the Nouveau Grand Paris.
The contracting authority is the RATP.

Where are we?

  • Public enquiry: January-February 2012
  • Declaration of Public Utility: December 2012
  • Start of works: mid 2014
  • Target date for service: 2020

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that the second line of the Parisian metro that is used the most, with more than 740, 000 travelers daily, will be made completely automatic just like line 1. The first automated train should run as of 2020. It will allow to heighten the capacity of the line, its regularity and its quality of service.