A cornerstone of the Greater Paris project

Grand Paris Express is pivotal to the future of the Greater Paris Region

A large-scale project, Grand Paris Express includes the construction of an automatic métro around Paris to improve suburb-to-suburb transportation without having to go through the capital city centre.
Grand Paris Express stems from the merging of two competing projects: on the one hand “Arc Express”, supported by the Region and the STIF (Paris Transport Association); on the other hand Métro du Grand Paris, defended at one point by the former government.
Two projects, two philosophies. The plan of the first of these two projects involved a 60 km métro ring, with an optimum number of connections with the existing network. The goal was to upgrade the living conditions of the people living in the Greater Paris Region. The second project had planned a 130 km double loop around Paris, to be dubbed the rollercoaster (literally the Big Eight, le Grand Huit). The project primarily aimed to increase commercial speed, while offering key connections to support the economic poles development (“clusters”, business districts) around Paris.
Following public debates, an agreement took place in January 2011 between the French State and the Region. The two projects would merge. Grand Paris Express was born.

What’s in store with Grand Paris Express?

Over 205 km long, the new transportation network will comprise four new lines and the extension of two existing lines, all of them automatic and equipped with platform screen doors to ensure high standards of service and maximal safety. 

Looping around Paris, circular Line 15 will connect towns such as La Défense, Saint-Denis, Rosny-sous-Bois, Champigny-sur-Marne, Villejuif, Issy-les-Moulineaux et Nanterre.

Line 16 will run from Noisy-Champs to Saint-Denis Pleyel.

Running from Saint-Denis Pleyel to Le Mesnil Amelot, Line 17 will connect the airports of Le Bourget and Roissy-Charles de Gaulle.

Line 18 will run from Orly airport to Versailles Chantiers, with stops in Massy and at CEA in Saint-Aubin.

Line 14 will extend northwards up to Saint-Denis Pleyel and southwards up to Orly airport.

Line 11 will extend eastwards up to Noisy-Champs.

Grand Paris Express

Grand Paris Express is to be developed by phases. Its completion being scheduled for 2030.

Public agency Société du Grand Paris (SGP) is the overall project owner, with the exception of two sections of extended lines 11 and 14, which will be handled by STIF and RATP.

Each line will be designed through ongoing deliberation with all stakeholders and dialogue with the civil society, followed by public consultations. After these preliminary steps, public authorities will have the liberty to issue statements of public utility (declarations d’utilité public) about the projects. Construction will then be ready to start.

Take a glance at the Grand Paris Express project: