Le Bourget’s Airspace cluster

Le Bourget airport clearly directs this cluster towards airspace and business tourism. In full expansion mode with the completion of a new terminal in 2013, Le Bourget has established itself as the largest business airline platform in Europe, thus confirming its undisputed position in the business tourism sector.

Located 13 km North of Paris in the Seine-Saint-Denis “département”, this cluster encompasses towns such as Blanc-Mesnil and Bonneuil-en-France.

With the business airport of Le Bourget as its focal point, this strategic cluster includes:
  • An airspace museum (Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace);
  • An already large but still expanding exhibition centre (Parc des Expositions);
  • Eurocopter and Innovation Works (two key subsidiaries of European group EADS), attracted by Grand Paris Express prospects and settled on a former military base in Dugny-Bonneuil (Aigle project);
  • DHL France, which moved its headquarters to Le Bourget in 2013.
Accessible by RER line B, the Le Bourget cluster will benefit from the Grand Paris Express lines 16 and 17 between 2023 and 2025.

CDT related to this cluster :