The “Val de France – Gonesse – Bonneuil” CDT

Dedicated to international trade and events, the Roissy cluster is supported by two signed CDTs: the “Cœur économique Roissy Terres de France” (Roissy Terres de France Economic Heartland) CDT and the “Val de France – Gonesse – Bonneuil” CDT. Both CDTs are set towards economic growth and infrastructure deployment, in particular in the transportation field. A third CDT project, “Grand Territoire de Roissy” (Greater Roissy Territory), is being considered.


The CDT spans 5 towns North East of Paris (Gonesse, Garges-lès-Gonesse, Sarcelles, Arnouville and Villiers-le-Bel), and a sixth town (Bonneuil-en-France) is associated with the project, all of them in the Val d’Oise “département”. Collectively, these towns account for close to 166,000 inhabitants (73,000 of whom are employed), 57,700 residential units and 45,500 jobs.


The CDT project was validated in April 2013, following the signature in January 2012 of a framework agreement between the French state, the mayors of the towns or representatives of the urban communities (communautés d’agglomérations). After a public consultation in October 2013, the CDT was permanently adopted in February 2014.

Key objectives

Overall development around three pivots :

  • Strategically positioned between two airports (Le Bourget and Roissy) and to be served by future Grand Paris Express line 17, the Gonesse Triangle is dedicating itself to businesses with over one million m² to be developed there. Central to the project, EuropaCity has pencilled in 230,000 m² for commercial use, 150,000 m² for entertainment, 50,000 m² for culture, 150,000 m² for hotels and a congress centre, as well as 100,000 m² with public spaces hosting occasional events;
  • The hub around the Garges-Sarcelles station will be home to sporting and cultural events, its Dôme Arena having been labelled both a “Greater Paris” and a general interest project;
  • As for Avenue du Parisis, public transport on dedicated lanes will be developed on this boulevard to connect residential areas with the labour pool around Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport.

New public transport infrastructure :

  • The future Grand Paris Express and its Triangle de Gonesse station;
  • Interconnection between RER line B and RER line D;
  • Tramway line T5 connecting Saint-Denis, Garges and Sarcelles;
  • A dedicated-lane public transport service on the future Avenue du Parisis.

Economic growth leveraging the area’s assets alongside the airport hub, with a target of 30,000 jobs to be created within the next 15 years :

  • Sports, leisure and cultural services with an international vocation, in particular with the EuropaCity and Dôme Arena flagship projects;
  • Airport services addressing corporate needs (air transport, logistics, security, etc.);
  • Healthcare services such as medical analysis, immediate medical diagnosis and bio-logistics;
  • Airspace services, offered in coordination with Le Bourget;
  • Existing agricultural operations are to remain, in particular over 400 hectares of farmland north of the Gonesse Triangle.

Enhanced offering of vocational training and professional education in selected sectors :

  • Better and earlier orientation towards the most promising sectors;
  • More robust initial and continuous training offering in sectors such as airspace, services, hospitality, healthcare;
  • Strengthened higher education (e.g. Sarcelles IUT), facilitating synergies with nearby academic centres.

Improve inhabitants’ quality of living :

  • Building over 14,000 residential units over the next 20 years, taking into account local constraints such as sound levels;
  • Preserving and promoting natural spaces;
  • Implementing an environmental roadmap for futures operations.

Source: Ile-de-France region