The Territoire de la Culture et de la Création CDT

Dedicated to digital design, the Saint Denis cluster is supported by a CDT aiming to develop cultural and creative industries (“Territoire de la Culture et de la Création” CDT).


The CDT project spans nine towns of the northern inner suburbs of Paris (Saint-Ouen, Aubervilliers, La Courneuve, Saint-Denis, l’Ile-Saint-Denis, Stain, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, Villetaneuse and Epinay-sur-Seine), collectively home to close to 390,000 inhabitants and over 170,000 jobs.


The CDT was signed in December 2013 after its project was validated in September 2012, and following a public consultation that took place in February 2013.

Key CDT objectives

The CDT’s multiple objectives include building 4,200 residential units annually, encouraging academic development with the Condorcet campus, and bolstering economic growth by aggregating digital creation activities in a hub.

The district will also benefit from several transportation infrastructure projects: five new stations on the Grand Paris Express network; extension of métro lines 7, 12 and 14; upgraded RER lines B, D and E; a planned suburban railway line North of Paris (Tangentielle nord); extension of tramway lines T1, T5 and T8.

The perimeter of the CDT encompasses six project areas:

  • Pleyel hub (Hub Pleyel), the new station interconnecting Grand Paris Express future lines, RER, métro and ultimately regional (Transilien) and high speed (TGV) trains. This project involves covering the existing SNCF rail tracks and building an « inhabited bridge-station » there;
  • Campus Condorcet in downtown Aubervilliers, a project that involves covering the ring road (boulevard périphérique) between Paris and Aubervilliers;
  • Saint-Ouen Docks’ eco-district, with thousands of planned residential units, offices and facilities;
  • Ile-Saint-Denis’ river eco-district (Eco-quartier Fluvial), a programme comprising of 1,000 residential units, the first ones being scheduled for completion in 2015;
  • Saint-Denis’ Confluence eco-district, with over 1,500 planned residential units (new or renovated) and an estimated 4,000 new jobs;
  • La Courneuve – Six Routes, a station being considered, its potential to develop the area still to be demonstrated;
  • Aubervilliers’ Fort, a mixed urban project that includes housing, offices, retail and other facilities;
  • Les Tartres, a site connected to Université Paris VIII, the National Archives and a future station for the future suburban railway line Tangentielle nord.

Other projects already launched or being considered include renovating the Stade de France, creating an aquatic centre in Aubervilliers, extending the Millénaire shopping centre and moving the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to La Courneuve.


Source: Institut d’Aménagement et d’Urbanisme d’Ile-de-France (IAU)