The « Le Bourget – Pôle d’excellence aéronautique » CDT

Dedicated to the airspace industry and to business tourism, Le Bourget cluster is supported by a Le Bourget CDT project aiming to organise the cluster’s development around the four future Grand Paris Express stations.


The CDT project covers six towns North-East of Paris (La Courneuve, Drancy, Le Bourget, Le Blanc-Mesnil, Dugny and Bonneuil-en-France) that are collectively home to close to 180,000 inhabitants and 50,000 jobs.


The CDT project was validated in July 2013, following the signature of a framework agreement between the French state and the mayors of the six towns in March 2012 and a public consultation that took place in November 2013. The CDT is scheduled to be permanently adopted early 2014.

Key CDT objectives