The « Grandes Ardoines » CDT

The “Grandes Ardoines” CDT is located to the South-West of Paris, an area which includes a number of clusters and CDT that form part of Grand Paris (Health around Villejuif and Research in Saclay). The economic development of the “Grandes Ardoines” CDT will include a focus on biotechnologies and will link in with centres of excellence in the South of the Greater Paris Region.


The CDT covers territories across 3 communes in the Val-de-Marne: Alfortville, Vitry-sur-Seine and Choisy-le-Roi; as well as 2 local authorities (Plaine Centrale and Seine Amont). This area has a population of around 170,000 and provides 50,000 jobs.


The CDT was validated in May 2013 and the public enquiry was carried out between September and October 2013. The definitive signature of the CDT was completed on 20 December 2013.

 Main objectives of the CDT