The « Boucle Nord des Hauts-de-Seine » CDT

The CDT in the Northern Loop in Hauts-de-Seine (“Boucle Nord des Hauts-de-Seine”) comprises 4 towns in the North of the Hauts-de-Seine, located between the economic centres of La Défense and Saint-Denis. The CDT does not fall within the boundaries of a Cluster and its main challenges are to improve the territory’s appeal to businesses and householders and to develop an economic plan by capitalising on the Port de Gennevilliers in particular as well as to ensure access by improving the public transport.


The boundary comprises 4 towns: Asnières-sur-Seine, Gennevilliers, Colombes and Bois-Colombes. These four towns represent a population of around 230,000 and 97,000 jobs.


The agreement was signed in January 2013 and the CDT project was validated in June of the same year. The public enquiry was held in October 2013 and the final document was validated on 10 February 2014.

Main objectives of the CDT

The main objectives of the CDT are varied :

  • Control of urban development and enhancement of natural spaces
  • A varied supply of housing
  • Strengthening the territory’s economic attractiveness
  • Employment and training
  • Mobility

To meet these objectives, the projects announced in the CDT include:

  • The construction of 1,860 homes per year, 1/3 of which will be social housing
  • The creation of 4 stations along the future line 15 of the Grand Paris Express: Les Grésillons, Les Agnettes, Bois-Colombes and Bécon-les-Bruyères.
  • The extension of line 1 of the tramway to link to line 2 of the tramway which will partially come into service between 2017-2018
  • The enhancement of green spaces (green infrastructure) and the edges of the Seine while considering flood risk and adapting the banks.
  • Reclassification of districts such as Agnettes in Gennevilliers (demolitions, new construction, renovation, etc) with improved links to the Grand Paris Express
  • Strengthening activity in the industrial sector by creating an innovation network around sustainable urban logistics and the development of the Port de Gennevilliers
  • The development of “third places” for very small and medium sized companies, sole traders or large groups.
  • The development of collaboration with the neighbouring economic centres of La Défense and Saint Denis
  • The enhancement of existing sites such as the Louvresses site in Gennevilliers which will shift from a purely industrial fabric to a more mixed environment including office activity, facilities, a higher concentration of employment and improvements to the environment and transport links
  • Reclassification of sites such as Thalès (ZI Kléber) which will allow for the development of a mixed-use district comprising housing (85,000 sq m), public facilities and over 100,000 sq m dedicated to economic activity.
  • Employment in the territory, in line with the profile and qualifications of the population, the maintenance and development of activity, initial or ongoing training for residents and support in accessing employment.