A series of Territorial Development Contracts (Contrats de Développement Territorial, or CDTs) converts the Greater Paris project to the local level.

Elaborated by local authorities and the French state, their role is to support and organise the deployment of Greater Paris transportation projects: anticipated schedule, urbanism, economic growth, sustainability and housing.
Most CDTs are situated within the perimeter of a competitiveness centre or Cluster, or operate in their sphere of influence. The majority of them will benefit from the future Greater Paris transportation infrastructure. However, 2 CDTs are defined outside any Cluster or won’t be served by the future Grand Paris Express network (Sénart and Confluence).
So far, 22 CDTs projects are being discussed by local authorities and the French state. They collectively cover 10% of the regional territory and 38% of the Greater Paris Region population (4.5 million inhabitants) disseminated in about 150 towns.
At the end of 2015, 9 CDTs have been signed.

Territorial Development Contracts (CDTs) signed:

Territorial development contracts (CDTs) validated:

  • Boucles de la Marne
  • Grand Paris Est Noisy-Champs
  • Grand Orly

Framework agreement signed:

Territorial development contracts (CDTs) project being studied:

  • Chelles-Vaires sur Marne
  • Paris Est entre Marne et Bois
  • Versailles Grand Parc – St-Quentin – Vélizy

Territorial development contracts (CDTs) being defined:

  • Grand Territoire Roissy