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1. Information available on the Site

This Site is intended to provide information relating to the business activity, products and services offered by Jones Lang LaSalle SAS in France.

Although all reasonable efforts have been made in order to ensure that the information displayed on this Site is accurate, we cannot provide any guarantee of any sort, whether express or implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness of such information, and any guarantee of this type is hereby expressly excluded. No information displayed on this Site, whether financial or other, shall be presumed to have been audited, whether by us or by third parties. The information available on the Site is provided for information purposes and in no way exempts the user from the requirement to effect a more complete and personalised analysis of our services. The user accordingly acknowledges that it uses this information at its own exclusive liability.

2. Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are made available on our Site for the convenience of this Site’s users, after prior authorisation, if applicable. Nevertheless, since Jones Lang LaSalle SAS does not control the content of such sites, we exclude any liability regarding their content and regarding the collection or transmission of personal data, the installation of cookies or any other process implemented on such sites. The decision to activate a link is at the user’s sole responsibility.

Any hyperlink to the Site requires Jones Lang LaSalle SAS’s prior, written authorisation. Any request for such purpose shall be sent to the Site’s Publishing Director at the address noted in Clause 3 below.

3. Protection of privacy – Cookies

Personal data

For the purposes of this Site, the user may have to provide us with personal data (the “Personal Data”), such as its surname, first name, postal address and email address, telephone number and the name and number of the employer company’s employees, which may be automatically processed. For the purposes of the Site, Jones Lang LaSalle SAS acts as processing manager of the user’s Personal Data. To this end, Jones Lang LaSalle SAS undertakes to respect the rights of Site users with regard to the protection of personal data and privacy pursuant to Act n°78-17 dated 6 January 1978 on data protection, as amended (“Data Protection Act”).

The Personal Data which is collected shall be stored on Jones Lang LaSalle SAS’s database for a period of no more than three years from its collection by Jones Lang LaSalle SAS. The Personal Data may be used by all companies in the Jones Lang LaSalle group and, in particular, Jones Lang LaSalle SAS, Jones Lang LaSalle Holding SAS, Jones Lang LaSalle Services SAS, Jones Lang LaSalle Expertises SAS, Tétris and other group subsidiaries, for the purposes of our internal management, our management of client relations and our marketing campaigns. Since this amounts to B-to-B marketing, the user may object to direct marketing by writing to the address set forth below in this Clause.

The Personal Data may also be transferred to third parties, in particular for the purposes of commercial marketing. Unless we are notified otherwise at the address set forth below, we shall consider that you have no objection to the fact that the Personal Data may be transferred to third parties, in particular for commercial marketing. If Personal Data is transferred outside the European Union, the transfers shall be made to a country which is recognised by the European Commission as providing an adequate level of protection or to an American firm which complies with the Safe Harbour rules or shall be governed by the European Commission’s standard-form contractual clauses or by internal company rules (BCR– Binding Corporate Rules) which the CNIL (French Data Protection Commission) has previously acknowledged as providing a sufficient level of protection in terms of privacy and fundamental human rights.

The Personal Data relating to the Site users may also be transmitted to the legal or administrative bodies which are empowered by law and which request the disclosure thereof in order to comply with certain legal and regulatory requirements.

Pursuant to the Data Protection Act, the user has a right to access, modify, correct and delete Personal Data which relates to it and which it has provided to us through the Site by writing to: Jones Lang LaSalle SAS – Yasmine BELKAID, 40-42 rue La Boétie – Paris 75008.


The user is informed that during its visits to the Site, a cookie may be automatically installed on its browser software. The cookies are small files which are stored on the user’s computer hard-drive and do not enable the user to be identified. They are solely used to record information relating to the user’s navigation on the Site in order to improve its visit of the Site during subsequent connections. The majority of Internet browsers are equipped with systems which inform the user of the presence of a “cookie”. The user may disable this function in its Internet browser. In order to find out how to disable the “cookies”, please consult your browser’s help file or visit your provider’s Internet site.

4. Data security

The Site user acknowledges that it has verified that its computer configuration does not contain a virus and that it is in perfect working order. Jones Lang LaSalle SAS shall take reasonable security measures in order to protect the Personal Data which is provided by the user. However, the user acknowledges that it has been informed that the communications via the Internet are not secure and that we do not use encryption tools in order to guarantee the confidentiality of communications which are sent to us through this Site. Consequently, we decline any liability, insofar as permitted by law, for any alteration or distortion during the transmission of data which the user has sent us.

5. Intellectual property

The Site and all the elements which it comprises, relating both to its general structure and its contents (in particular the images, texts, logos, tables, the iconographic and photographic representations and the documents which can be downloaded from the Site), are the exclusive property of Jones Lang LaSalle SAS and are protected by French and international copyright and intellectual property laws. The reproduction or representation of all or part of this Site, by any means, on any medium and in any form whatsoever, without Jones Lang LaSalle SAS’s prior, written authorisation, is therefore formally prohibited and would constitute an infringement sanctioned by Articles L335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code.

Equally, the databases contained on the Site, if any, are protected by the provisions of the Act dated 1st July 1998, with the result that any unauthorized reproduction or extraction will incur the user’s liability.

Jones Lang LaSalle SAS’s trademarks and logos which appear on the Site are registered trademarks. Any reproduction or representation of such trademarks or logos, whether in whole or in part, and whether alone or incorporated into other items, without Jones Lang LaSalle SAS’s express authorisation is prohibited and shall incur the user’s liability within the meaning of Articles L 713-2 and L 713-3 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

If the user wishes to use something contained on the Site (text, image, …), it undertakes to ask Jones Lang Salle SAS’s for its prior, written authorisation, by writing to the address set forth in Clause 3 “Personal Data – Cookies”.